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Bob and Dot have not been talking much lately, whenever there has been a conversation eventually... Lisa comes up. And Dot is 100% certain she's never heard so much as one word about her before. It's Bob though, and she wants to give him the benefit of the doubt, so she's doing what comes programmed.

Shifting through entry after entry in her diaries, and even going so far as to call Turbo up on a pretense of meeting-the-parent jitters to get info on Bob's family. Much as she distrusts Turbo, she knows he'd be honest about Bob's past and about any friends named Lisa at the academy about 1-1.

Something is not right with Bob.

Whatever it is, it should not have messed with him.
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The load at work has slacked off enough that Dot's at home cooking dinner this evening, instead of the usual take-out. Stir-fry, with c-loin tips in gravy, crackles on the stove. She expects her little brother will be back from Milliways soon, and then they'll be able to talk.

After all, he's been getting into so much these days, and sometimes she just has to bait the little guy with food to get him to sit still long enough to talk. Dot looks up and smirks when she hears the upstairs closet door shut and starts setting the table. "Enzo! Dinner's almost ready, I hope you've got an appetite!"
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For the past few cycles everyone's been waiting on a sort of bated breath about this. The recompiler has been checked no less than five times over to make sure nothing could go wrong with it. It stands ready, a cylindrical casket with a transparent cover, the interior padded for the comfort of the returning sprite.

For the past few cycles Dot's been on bits and bytes worrying if this will work, and is now standing nearby, out of the way of the debugging duo as they get to work. Now, all they can do is hope it turns out all right.
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Inside of the Principal Office, in one of the many laboratory-cum-code-chopshop, four sets of hands are going every single digit of Guardian Code. It's been busy the last few cycles and with the capture of Turbo it's become even more urgent to 'distill' the code copied off of Bob and Matrix into some form of a cure that they can administer. Neither set of code is complete, but it's the best shot they got... isn't it?

"Hiro, how're we doing?"
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Inside the center of the second system, two pings rang out through the auditorium. There was a shushed awe as the gateway filled with a water-like substance. Welman matrix was practically beaming in pride..he had found a new system, proof of all his life's work!

"System detected. Executing Gateway command."

Inside of the gateway the silver water began to spin. Something was not totally right... Welman's podium began to spark wildly surprising him as he jumped back.

Then an image appeared inside of the gateway, a gigantic virus turned it's head to gaze upon the auditorium before roaring.

"I am become GIGABYTE, destroyer of systems!"

The giant started glowing and as the outer rings of the gateway command spun, he disappeared. Two images appeared on the right and left sides of where the virus had stood, the light and energy cracking faster now until...

It flashed out and upward... when it came back down there was nothing left but a crater...and two virii facing away from each other at the ruins of the City which would soon be known as Lost Angles. One, dark blue and obviously male-like in appearance glanced back at his 'twin' and walked off. Leaving the chaos virus to gaze around the ruins with a cracked face mask. Everything has such interesting shapes...and burning. She grinned a cracked assymetrical smile before crowing happily. "I... like it here!"

----End Memory File----
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"She's a what?"

Dot brought Hex into the medical section of the Principal Office. The sudden change in configuration, attitude, and powers was unsettling, even for Hex. To speak of the Virus, who was standing behind the two executives, playing with the nulls in their tank.
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Out in Baudway, Dot was overseeing the construction of her first business. A data crane was carefully lowering down the D light to finish up the sign saying 'Dot's Diner.' On the ground, binomes helped to carry in the booth walls, seats and lighting. She checked over her organizer again as Enzo hopped in place next to her, tugging her dress.

"Sis, hurry up! We'll be late!" How could she be working? They were going to miss it! The little sprite kept hopping around, making the propeller on his beanie spin.

"Enzo, I'll be finished a lot quicker without you pestering me," she chided him gently, glancing at him.

"But Dad's experiment!"

"We've got plenty of time. It's only -" she dropped off, checking the time in her organizer, and her face went from calm to oops in less than .001 nanos. "Oh No! Jimmy, take over! We're late! I'll be back ASAP!"

The binome named Jimmy waved back. Dot nodded to Enzo and then... heard something. As she raised her glasses a bright light appeared on the horizon... right above where her Dad's lecture was. Then...

The light fell back down into the center of the second system. When it hit, a shockwave went out in a circular wave away from its center. The shock waves tore apart buildings and threw vehicles into the air like children's building bytes. Dot could feel herself being hit by the wave and thrown into the air as it hit her Diner and everyone around her. She dimly registered the noise of all the windows breaking before...


She woke up crying out in her sleep from the nightmare in the middle of her empty office. Dot looked around the silent room, glad no one had seen her break down like that... and saw the synchonizer on her wrist was beeping. Crash it! No one had bothered to wake her up for this...
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Two and a half bikilocycles ago...

The sky glowed beautifully above the twin processors of Mainframe, or at least it did so on the domed roof of the Community Center for Compilation in the Sprite Processor half of town. Inside the auditorium, sprites and a few binomes set up the last of the scientific displays while a middle-aged sprite with green skin stood in front of a podium practicing his speech. Next to him on the stage was a strange ring-shaped device on a stand as well as several display jpg's of his theory. In front of him, a young teenager stood looking at her father, Welman Matrix, as he tried out his speech on her.

"...And, by creating a link between two systems, we can open a door, or a-a gateway, that allows up to pass through." He looked towards the gateway and gestured towards it with his arm. "But first, we have to find another system. Now I, I know I have my critics--that some sprites say there are no other systems, but, just stop a cycle and process that statement. Can you really believe we are alone?" He looked towards his current audience, his daughter Dot, as Enzo chased a red and yellow puppy through the empty auditorium. "That Mainframe is the only system in Cyberspace? I think not. My machine will detect new systems and link to them. It will prove that cyberspace is not an empty void--" the professor started to really get into this part of the speech, stuttering a bit with his excitement and nervousness-- "but a, a, a, a, wonderous place filled with inhabited systems and peoples and friends. We are not alone."

He paused and looked at the young girl in front of him. "How was that?"

"Nnnot bad." She glanced aside to the datapad in her hands and spoke into her headset. "Uh, drop the main light two points and raise the fill a half." Dot looked back up at her father. "Mm, I think you need to spend more time on how we detect other systems."

"By casting a network of signals or-or 'pings' into the void." He pressed a red button on the podium, which send of a series of noises like a radar beacon, and looked back towards her. "These signals are programmed to lock onto energy bursts. Once we have a lock, we can open a gateway to the source of said energy."

"Dad!" Dot threw her head back, she had had to remind him of this earlier. "I know that, but no one else in the audience does!" She glanced to the empty seats, no one was there YET, but it never hurt to fix a problem before it started.

"Oh! Right. I see."

"You want to try some questions?" She asked quickly.

Welman took a breath and smiled. "Okay, I'm ready for anything."

Dot cleared her throat and asked in a more formal adult voice. "Professor Matrix, if you've proven the existence of other systems, why do we physically have to visit them?"

The professor immediately got flustered stammering, yet again. "Good question. Good question. Um... excellent question there. It's uh, um, well, uh, because-"

"For proof! That's why the Gateway command has two functions, search and link!"

"That's right! Good answer." He paused, watching his teenage daughter. "Dot, you will be here for me, won't you? By my side, just in case?"

"Of course, Dad!" Dot laughed, smiling at him as she went to collect her little brother before he and his dog caused too much trouble.
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Dot sits in her office, going over the files once more. In a few nanos, Phong will be coming in to 'discuss their options' regarding Milliways. More accurately, he'll be coming in to demand an explanation. This will require Dot to propound, very gently, a number of truly processor-wracking concepts.

Such as the fact that all her new friends there are User-level beings and beyond.

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Something not right woke her with a start looking around. Dot was pretty sure that last night, after some... fun with Bob, she had fallen asleep next to him. Naked.


This did not explain the clothing. Nor did it explain the sudden blond hair. Or the lack of a Bob to snug up next to in the morning.

The panic flooded in as Dot felt something else amiss. All sprites have a function, for hours Dot's was this.


Her purpose, what she did, what she loved doing. All gone. A empty terrifying hole where there had last night been a comforting voice and guide.

Normally she was not the type to scream. But in this case the situation definitely warranted that she scream like a chainsaw massacre cheerleader.

Aptly fitting.
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People have moved and mingled, gotten themselves drinks and found their comfortable spots amid the pillows. Girl power rock streams in from the speakers hidden in the walls. Amazingly the booze is not yet gone.

A dvd starts up in the player and the movie begins for the revelers in girly pampering to being their drinking games. Who will end up under the table, who will end up ON the table with the lampshade on their head? Only time and shot glasses will tell.

And over in a corner... lurks a surprise for everyone that Dot has met.
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Upstairs far above the bar, Room 231 has been rented for the night of fun and a warning placed on the Door. No one Under 21 allowed inside... And a sign, with large script written so neatly you would swear it was typed saying Girls Night Out in Progress. Men may enter at their own risk.

You can say this for a Command.Com, when they go about making a party they go ALL the way out. Three tables are set up with User-friendly only snacks and booze, Sprite Friendly only snacks and booze, and a rather bare table waiting for booze that the kitsune promised to bring, being friendly to both data and matter beings!

Pillows abound around a big screen TV, over in a corner several bags sit waiting to surprise the people about the come in. Now all that all that's missing are the girls for their night of fun.

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If you woke up and I was in bed with you, what would be your first thought?
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They had been living together for two whole seconds, weeks if you went by User terms.

For two whole weeks Dot has been sharing the apartment with Bob.

And they were still sleeping in seperate beds. At first it was because of the simple fact that standing guard at the door kept Bob up until odd hours, but now one had to wonder...

Oh yes the lake party had been fun, but narrative casualty didn't count the making out like teenagers towards any kind of happening with the two sprites. And it would only be a matter of time before -something- would happen.

In the meantime, Dot placed her orders with the bar for new User-style meshes for... fun items and hid the box up in the closet. Sprites rarely used closets back home, they could keep almost all their clothes in their PID's after all. She really didn't think that Bob would go searching in there and discover her surprises for him.

Hoboy if he ever found them before that point...
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After Laini left the two be-puppeted sprites in Bob's room last night, things pretty much went blurry. Having a lot of 'alcohol' will do that to a sprite, human, or any manner of creature.

So in the fine traditions of getting spam-faced drunk and waking up in your room...

... Bob wakes up in the same bed with Dot. With a surprise.
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[Back in Milliways: Enzo's little jaunt is Big News to his sister... And he's going to get a TALK.]

After spending a couple of microseconds in the bar, Dot finished up work for the office, and headed straight home to wait for Enzo to show up. She had filed away the list of people Enzo should stay with if neither Bob nor Dot were with him at the bar. It wasn't a very long list in any sense. She was expecting, at the very least, an argument over the fact she had made one.

It wasn't long before the sprite in question came home...
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Ever since the date Bob has been acting strange. He dodges questions and outside of the date and work..
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