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Birthdate:Aug 22
Location:United States of America
Dot lost her parents when she was young. Nothing at this time is known about her mother, but her father, a scientist, was lost in the explosion that wiped out the city of Angles. Since then she has had to rebuild her diner business and raise Enzo like her own son and still be his big sister. The day of the blast still haunts her sometimes, and as if to add magnets to a wound, both Megabyte and Hexadecimal showed up in the ruins of that city.

That day she also met Bob for the first time and since then he's been both a blessing and a constant source of frustration. Despite their rocky start, they make a good team together, with Bob's quick-thinking and adaptativity and Dot's ability to plan, organize and lead.

Dot's been fond of Bob for ages, since the day he first arrived, and while they've had personality clashes, both have grown close to each other. While Bob is becoming very open about his relationship and feelings for Dot... she is still somewhat reluctant to pursue a relationship. Of course there is that whole point of an upcoming WAR... And that issue of now have two brothers... ..both the same person... And the fact that there is a rather pesty lady Virus making things interesting in the bad sort of way. It really doesn't when you find out about that secret bar that your friend and your new little brother have discovered...

For all intents and purposes Dot, like Bob, is getting pulled out in the time between seasons 3 and 4 of ReBoot and just a little bit after the Epilogue for the Tofu Plot. ...Bob has so much explaining to do.

Dot is a 5'5" (with heels on. As far as we know- She never takes those heels off.) humanoid sprite with light green skin. She has short, dark green hair with bangs and purple eyes, and occasionally wears a pair of reading glasses. She's been known to wear a variety of outfits, but for all intents she's mainly going to be in her black war-room get up. But who knows, you may just catch her in that red number...

Dot is Mainframe's COMMAND.COM; her function is to make sure her home the city of Mainframe is running smoothly, plan ahead and deal with problems that crop up around the various sectors of the city. Her programming and her past make her want everything to be neat, organized and running smoothly with as as few anaomalies as possible. In other words, she's the perfectionist who plans out every single nano of her day. Let's hope this shakes things up a bit.

She has a good head for planning, tactics and strategy, and leads her people through respect. Dot's also got one heck of a singing voice, having performed a solo number in the infamous red dress for her little brother Enzo's Birthday.

UPDATE: As of May 14th 2008, Bob and Dot have been married and as of Feburary 28th 2009, Dot is now a Mother to Mairi. Attempt making the mommy angry at risk of your own liver.

Dot Matrix is from ReBoot, and is the property of Mainframe/Rainmaker Studios. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made by her crackhead mun [info]crazyfurries. Please don't kill us.


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ancient languages, blackmail, bob, boyscout heroes, business, command, defense, devious planning, did we mention planning?, enzo, family, game cubes, guardians, leadership, mainframe, organization, planning, principal office, reboot, safety, strategy, users, work is my funtime, work is never done

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