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None of the binomes looked up as the COMMAND.COM made her on-schedule 14:00 round about the office to check up on everyone, but they certainly shared looks at each other for a moment. Dot liked to operate her office without certain media sprites present, and more so, without the gossip blaring.

Her regular staff went about their usual business casting worried glances whenever they were dead certain she wasn't looking. The next nano, when she'd look back at them, it was like nothing had happened.

No one who worked with her regularly wanted to bring up what had been on the news. At least that's what the office thought as one of the more matronly Zero binomes brought her lunch.

"So when are the little alphas due, dearie?"

Every person in hearing distance froze and turned slowly in horror at the next word to leave Dot Matrix's mouth.


"Oh you know, the quadruplets! I heard about it all in the news... this...morning." The Zero Binome turned to find everyone else making a hasty exit as the words sunk in. "..ah-heh heh...I'll just fetch you some COCOA dearie...just be a nano."

Dead silence.

In the empty office, Dot slowly got up and stalked towards the door, the clicking of heels echoing as she walked up, leaving the snack on her desk, to head into Milliways.


Apr. 18th, 2008 06:52 pm
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The past few nights had been hard on both of their schedules, with Dot's random and frequent cravings coming on for no discernable reason, it wasn't any surprise that she woke up to Bob having had to run off to take care of something. Feeling, tired, cranky, and achy all over was no way to wake up from sleepmode.

It got worse when she stood up and went to get dressed when a wave of nausea hit her in the processor, and created a mad dash for the restroom.

After a few nanos she washed up and looked at herself in the mirror again.

Was morning sickness ever this bad for Mom?


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