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"Nuh, whzzt?"


"...whzzat. ...not the office." Dot sat up in bed reaching for her PDA next to the bed, and peering at the screen after she enlarged it. Then blinked a couple of times at who was calling.


"...Private commlink," She stifled a yawn, to get herself awake to respond in a calm if groggy voice to the video link. "Open. Enzo, what happened?"
command_dot_com: (Bridal) a little over a tetrakilocycle, is in the center of Mainframe. The Front Hall of the Principal Office has been decorated in white with pale blue flower motifs into every gather and hanging drape.

Such are the perks to being the COMMAND.COM of a small system. The wedding band is waiting on one of the galleries, and everyone else is starting to file in. It looks like every single resident of Mainframe is coming to the event, along with a few friends from outside the system.

♪♫Come on in they're finally getting married♪♫
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[Back in Milliways: Enzo's little jaunt is Big News to his sister... And he's going to get a TALK.]

After spending a couple of microseconds in the bar, Dot finished up work for the office, and headed straight home to wait for Enzo to show up. She had filed away the list of people Enzo should stay with if neither Bob nor Dot were with him at the bar. It wasn't a very long list in any sense. She was expecting, at the very least, an argument over the fact she had made one.

It wasn't long before the sprite in question came home...
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Ever since the date Bob has been acting strange. He dodges questions and outside of the date and work..


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