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In every major burg, there is a section of town devoted entirely to a certain demographic group. Some are even famous for their displays, such as San Francisco is for it's Chinatown, or New Orleans for it's French Quarter. And Marina is no exception from this, especially for being located in a place as weird, wild and wonderfully varied as Underhill.

Such venues as Valhallasburg "BEST BEER AND WENCHING IN TOWN", Little Chernobyl "Come for the borscht, leave with a healthy glow!", Bally!kill "OCH! BEST HAGGIS IN TOWN..." and last but not in anyway the least... Miyazaki Town. With two tourists slowly walking down the empty streets in the afternoon sun.
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A few days after the incidents at the beach and spending them just rubbing on sunburn-balm and watching the local soap operas (what IS this thing with squids? It is so bizzare...) in their hotel room, the couple is more than ready to explore the city again.

Namely it's culinary exploits. And armed with re-translated brochures, Laini's directions and her food-scanning PDA plug-in for compatibility...

Its time to test out Susie Sells Seafood by the Sea Shore. And really, it's a bit of what you'd expect of a place named as such. Through the driftwood doorway and aging painted sign, reading 'out eat the head cook, get your meals free for a week!' is the main indoor eating area. The walls are built out of a combo of driftwood, shell bits and sand, with use-polished driftwood furniture, and there's a viewing patio of the shore... made out of time-frozen water.


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